Stonebridge Capital Advisors

Superior Client Service

Superior Client Service

Client Led, Partnership Driven

As a holistic investment advisor we think of you as more than just a client, you are a partner. We structure our process on understanding your goals and establishing objectives & strategies to meet them. Our team will work closely with you to fully understand your needs before structuring your financial strategy. A partnership with us means building a trusted relationship to make the right financial decisions on your behalf.

Supporting You Each Step Of The Way

Support is the standard by which we serve. You will always have direct access to your investment portfolio management team. Portfolio review calls and meetings are regularly scheduled. If circumstances change and adjustments to your investment portfolio are needed, our team will work with you to swiftly execute your needs. Your calls are welcomed and as a fiduciary we always put your interests first.

Communication Is Key

Stonebridge provides hard copied or online client reporting so you know how your portfolio is performing at any time. We provide educational materials on the financial markets and asset management strategies. We engage you in the process so you feel confident and understand how your portfolio is managed. Listening to your needs is key to a successful partnership.