How We Serve

A Stonebridge Partnership Means a Trusted Relationship

At Stonebridge, we are client led, partnership driven, meaning we think of you as more than just a client – you are a partner. These aren’t just words, they are a commitment we live by. We collectively approach each relationship by working directly with each individual to deliver unparalleled client service.

For each and every one of our clients, we gain an in-depth understanding of your financial goals, investment objectives, risk tolerances, liquidity needs, and unique circumstances. In this way, we develop these close, long-lasting partnerships. As your holistic investment advisor, Stonebridge welcomes you into a collective financial community. 

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is centered around fundamental analysis and a long-term investment horizon. Understanding that markets can be volatile, our goal is to achieve superior performance for our clients through in-depth research and discipline.

Achieving Long-Term Client Success

Portfolio Management

We focus on top-down, bottom-up fundamental analysis to uncover the best securities aligned with an individual’s, an institution’s, and an advisor client’s financial objectives.

  • Developed via customized, diversified investment strategies using individual equities and fixed income securities, rather than mutual funds or ETFs
  • Built using large-cap equities and investment-grade fixed-income securities
  • Monitored and reviewed by our dedicated team of relationship and portfolio managers.

Value-Driven Team

Comprised of diverse backgrounds, education, and expertise, our accredited team contributes valuable perspectives to the voice of our firm. With over four decades of experience, it has taught us the value of: 

  • Consistently studying of the economy and markets 
  • Acting on fundamentals 
  • Directly and actively communicating with our clients  

Firm-Wide Commitment to Ethical Best Practices

As a fiduciary Stonebridge deeply engages with our clients to develop personalized approaches, focused on long-term financial success. Leveraging over 40 years of experience from our dedicated team of investment professionals, we implement customized strategies that cater to our clients’ unique needs. 

  • SEC-Registered Investment Advisor
  • Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) compliant

"Money and investments are so personal, and for our clients to trust us with that means the most to me."

Heidi Hukriede, COO

Client Service at Our Core

As we navigate the varying market cycles and identify exclusive opportunities for our clients, we value collaboration, commitment, and care in our work and our approach.

Consistent Support

  • Direct access to team of portfolio and relationship managers
  • Encouraged contact from clients and partners
  • Regularly-held client meetings

Growth and Learning Opportunities

  • Economic and market research reports
  • Stonebridge Soundbites podcast
  • Webinars and videos
  • Exclusive educational, social, and community events

Seamless Access

  • Secure, easily accessible client portal
  • Portfolio performance and reporting updated daily
  • Optimal technology structure for efficient portfolio management

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