Institutional Advisory Services

Your Dedicated Investment Advisor

At Stonebridge, we are committed to serving and achieving an organization’s specific investment goals. Our experience and proven ability in understanding institutional management challenges brings unique value to our relationships. We are pleased to serve as a trusted fiduciary providing investment solutions for:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Non-Profits & Foundations
  • Corporations

Customized Investment Management

We deliver customized investment strategies based on a deep understanding of the institution’s goals and objectives. We strategically develop customized, diversified investment strategies through equity and fixed income solutions focused on success over the long term.

Portfolios are constructed through individual securities with a focus on domestic, large-cap companies and investment-grade bonds. We prefer individual securities over mutual funds, as they provide better customization, transparency, risk management, and lower costs.

Our dedication to building a true partnership is our competitive advantage:


We identify an organization’s specific goals, restrictions, and requirements and solidify them through a well-defined Investment Policy Statement.


Institutional clients are managed by our knowledgeable team of relationship and investment managers, who are easily accessible to boards and committees.


We are paid a single fee, based on the assets under management; we do not sell products and do not offer compensation packages.


We build a partnership strategy to help organizations meet their financial and organizational missions.

Stonebridge Capital Advisors

"At Stonebridge, our client comes first - we manage their portfolio to meet their specific needs."

Robert Kincade, Chief Executive Officer

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Institutional Process
1. Organizational Assessment

Our team will assess the current holdings, investment objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and any unique restrictions.

2. IPS

We will work with the Board/Investment Committee to establish a long-term IPS and guidelines, including any specific restrictions or area of focus.

3. Strategy

The portfolio and relationship team will develop an investment strategy that meets the requirements and goals of the IPS and its guidelines.

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Institutional Process
4. Strategy Implementation

Over a 3-month period, the assigned portfolio manager will methodically deploy cash and reallocate existing holdings.

5. Strategy

Portfolio managers and analysts will continuously review and manage the portfolio based on market conditions and liquidity needs.

6. Strategy

A structured review schedule will be established to review portfolio performance, organizational goals, market conditions, and IPS.

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Going Above & Beyond

Prudent investment management is exceptionally important, but it is just one critical component when it comes to forming lasting relationships with our clients.

We are committed to providing support far beyond investment management to help meet your financial goals through exclusive opportunities, including educational events, speaker engagements, committee involvement, network connectivity, and industry research.

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) may seem like a daunting document but in reality, it can be a manageable tool for understanding the purpose and goals of your financial accounts. An IPS is advantageous for any client; whether you are an individual, family, nonprofit, or corporation.

Check out our featured piece on what an IPS is and how it can be established: The Importance of an Investment Policy Statement – A Stonebridge Soundbite episode.

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