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At Stonebridge, our approach to investment management begins and ends with the client. We are pleased to serve as a trusted fiduciary, providing investment solutions for:

  • High Net Worth Individuals & Families
  • Retirement Plans & Brokerage Accounts
  • Endowments

Fundamental Investment Strategies

Our tailored investment strategies are designed to meet the specific needs and personalized restrictions of each client. We adhere to completing an in-depth analysis to determine our client’s financial goals, liquidity needs and risk tolerance. Using goal-based strategies, we develop our client’s customized portfolio focused on long-term financial success.


We focus on top-down, bottom-up fundamental analysis to uncover optimal equity securities that align with an individual client’s investment policy. Portfolios are primarily built through individual stocks with a focus on domestic, large-cap companies.

Stonebridge’s equity investment style provides a method for growth and income generation through three distinct strategies: Large Cap Growth, Growth and Income, and Dividend Income.

Fixed Income

We maintain a conservative risk profile via a bottom-up security selection process. Fixed income portfolios are constructed through individual bonds with investment-grade ratings that are well-diversified across issuers and sectors.

Our fixed income investment style provides a method for principal protection, alongside liquidity and income needs through two strategies: Tax-Exempt and Taxable.

Stonebridge Capital Advisors

"When it comes to hiring an investment manager, the most important thing to an individual or corporation is trust."

John Schonberg, Chief Investment Officer

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Investment Process
1. Financial Assessment

We will assess the current holdings, investment objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and any unique restrictions.

2. Strategy Development

Stonebridge will develop an investment strategy that meets the requirements, financial goals, and individual needs of the client.

3. Account
Set Up

Our client relations team will create and set up a client account, ensuring that it is structured properly with the selected custodian.

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Investment Process
4. Strategy Implementation

Over a 3-month period, the assigned portfolio manager will methodically deploy cash and reallocate existing holdings.

5. Strategy

Portfolio managers and analysts will continuously review and manage the portfolio based on market conditions and liquidity needs

6. Strategy

A structured meeting schedule will be established to review account performance, based on the comfort and needs of the client.

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Going Above & Beyond

Prudent investment management is exceptionally important, but it is just one critical component when it comes to forming lasting relationships with our clients.

We are committed to providing support far beyond investment management to help meet your financial goals through exclusive opportunities, including educational events, speaker engagements, committee involvement, network connectivity, and industry research.

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