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Client Led, Partnership Driven

Stonebridge Capital Advisors is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm, formed in 1997.  We provide customized investment and private wealth management solutions.

We are client led, partnership driven

Stonebridge Core Values

Our Core Clients

We serve diverse clients, each with unique goals and objectives.  The solutions we provide are tailored to your needs.

Private Wealth & Investment Management

Like the conductor of a symphony, our responsibility is to conduct the process of investment & private wealth management by drawing on the talents of the professionals that help manage your wealth plan.

Institutional Investment Management

Institutional clients at Stonebridge include insurance companies, retirement plans, foundations, non-profit companies and health care providers. Stonebridge will partner with your organization to assess your needs from developing an investment policy statement to overseeing the structure and management of an investment portfolio.

Advisory Solutions

Our partnership with financial advisors is more than just managing a client’s investment portfolio, it is also serving your business needs. We work with you to construct financial portfolios based on client’s goals and objectives along with helping build, serve and protect your business.

About Us

We were founded on a simple premise: The portfolios we manage are developed in our clients’ best interests and are structured with securities to meet their individual needs and objectives.

Through an in-depth process of understanding your needs, goals and objectives we structure portfolios with your best interests in minds.  Our experienced team of portfolio managers and client services support staff work together to build customized solutions for you.

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Key Investment Styles

Investment solutions are constructed with equity and fixed income securities. All securities and economic & market factors are research and analyzed by our portfolio managers. They are supported by research committees and our staff economist.

Growing Money


Our focus is on large capitalization companies that consistently deliver what we believe to be superior rates of return on invested capital over a series of business cycles. We seek to provide maximum long-term rate of return on invested capital while minimizing downside volatility.

Golden scales


A balanced portfolio will use a blend of equity and fixed income strategies to provide income, growth and liquidity.


Fixed Income

Fixed income portfolios are constructed with taxable and/or tax-exempt bonds to achieve income, reduced risk and liquidity.

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