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2023 Stonebridge Investment Management Forum

2023 Stonebridge Investment Management Forum

Beyond our focus on customized investment management, we take great pride in serving our clients and partners. In June 2023, Stonebridge hosted our annual Investment Management Forum.

Hear from our professional panel – our firm’s own Chief Investment Officer, John Schonberg, CFA, our Director of Equity, Michael Dashner, CFA, and our Director of Fixed Income, Jon Lynn – as they explain our investment philosophy, our approach to investment management, and how our process impacts our clients’ portfolios.

Disclosure: The information and resources provided are for informational purposes only and do not create a professional-client relationship between the attendees and firms, panelists, authors and contributors.

ESG Investing: Navigating Your Goals Through a Values-Based Approach

In recent years, the pressure to invest under Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards has been steadily increasing. At its core, ESG investing is centered on strengthening and growing our society, protecting our planet, and upholding ethical, equal business practices and standards within organizations. In this Stonebridge educational article, we address what ESG Investing is and our Stonebridge approach of Values-Based Investing.

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Stonebridge Soundbite – The Bond Talk

“Bonds are back!” For several months now, we have been hearing this phrase repeated over and over again… So, what does it mean? For this episode of Stonebridge Soundbites, Director of Fixed Income – Jon Lynn – addresses the fixed income market.

Topics Discussed in this Recording:

  • Duration, yield, what do the terms we associate with fixed income mean?
  • Why should investors have bonds in their portfolio?
  • What strategies does Stonebridge implement?

And more!

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Stonebridge Soundbite – To Buy, To Hold, or To Sell?!

When we say that we build customized investment portfolios using individual equities and fixed income securities, what does that actually look like…?

For this episode of Stonebridge Soundbites, Director of Equity and Portfolio Manager – Michael Dashner, CFA – and Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst – Ryan Medhaug, CFA – dive into the stock selection process at Stonebridge.

Topics Discussed in this Recording:

  • What does it mean to be long-term investors?
  • Why do we select a company through a top-down, bottom-up fundamental analysis?
  • How do we arrive at the final decision to buy a stock?

And more!

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Table of Experts: Women in Finance

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal held a panel discussion recently on women in finance. Our very own Heidi Hukriede, CFA joined the panel and provided her outlook on the industry and discussed her experiences as a leader in finance.

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Stonebridge Soundbites: Financial Spring Cleaning

This month we are providing our previous recording where Heidi and Allyse discussed important financial, wealth, and estate planning documents that clients should review or update during the spring season. This recording was originally produced back in April last year and we feel the information is still valuable.

We have also included a checklist for you to use when reviewing these documents.

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Checklist Here

Stonebridge Soundbites- A Dive into Volatility

For this episode of Stonebridge Soundbites, I chat with Portfolio Manager Michael Dashner, CFA about market volatility.

Questions Answered in this Recording:

– What defines market volatility?

– Examples of years past where we have seen true market volatility?

– Have there been times when markets have been labeled volatile when they really aren’t?

– How do you assess and manage portfolios during periods of volatility?

– What do you say to your client during times of market volatility?


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Market Update- Market Correction

President & Portfolio Manager Robert Kincade reviews the current conditions of the equity and fixed income markets. He also discusses the current market correction and the factors impacting it.

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