Stonebridge Capital Advisors



Before We Invest We Research

The investment decisions at Stonebridge Capital Advisors are ultimately centered on fundamental analysis. Our fixed income and equity teams work congruently and formulate research at both the individual security level as well as the macro environment. Our economist, Dr. Laufenberg, leads the economic research division at Stonebridge Capital Advisors. He publishes periodic articles that serve a dual purpose of crafting our investment strategies as well as keeping our clients informed on upcoming economic events.

The fixed income team at Stonebridge analyzes bonds offered by over 50 broker-dealers throughout the country. Only those securities passing through our credit analysis and due diligence process and receiving our “credit worthy” internal rating are acquired for our clients’ accounts. We follow and consistently review approximately 700 individual issuers.

The Stonebridge equity team bases the central theme of stock selection around fundamental analysis to include financial statement review along with qualitative assessments regarding each company’s long run competitive advantage in their respective industry.