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Fixed Income Portfolio Management

Fixed Income Portfolio Management

Financial Analysts By Nature

Our team will work with you to define the goals and objectives that determine the design of your investment portfolio.  We are experienced in analyzing the market and diligent in selecting the right bonds with proper duration and yields to match your goals and objectives.

Our goal is to generate income and liquidity for a portfolio while maintaining lower volatility. To meet our goal, we conduct an in-depth credit quality analysis on bonds in which we plan to invest prior to constructing a portfolio. Our thorough credit evaluation process allows us to identify and select only those potential investments with solid credit characteristics. Our in-depth analysis is vital and done independent of national rating agency evaluation.

Our analytic nature helps us select the right securities to deliver an individually customized portfolio.


Tax-Exempt & Taxable Bond Strategies

When constructing the fixed income portion of a portfolio, we may utilize either Tax-Exempt & Taxable bonds depending on the goals and objectives set by our clients.  For tax-sensitive investors, tax-exempt municipal bonds can offer significant improvement over taxable securities. For investors in low-tax or no-tax situations, our corporate and taxable municipal bond strategy can offer a liquid, higher yielding alternative to government and other taxable fixed income securities. We manage everything from short-term maturity time frame to long-term maturity time frame and even enhanced yield strategies, each of which depends on your specific needs.