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Fixed Income Portfolio Management

Fixed Income Portfolio Management

Financial Analysts By Nature

As one of Minnesota’s top fixed income investment managers, we focus on selecting individual bonds to provide financial liquidity and deliver superior long term risk adjusted return.  Our team will work with you to define the goals and objectives that determine the design of your investment portfolio.  We are experts at analyzing the market and are extremely diligent in selecting quality bonds that offer higher yields.  Our internal credit evaluation process is inherent and continuous.  As an independent advisor, we negotiate the lowest possible prices for bonds we select for purchase.

Clear, consistent communication is at the core of what we do and helps us build a partnership with you.  Our analytic nature helps us select the right securities to deliver an individually customized portfolio.


High-Grade Taxable Bond Strategy

For investors in low-income tax or no income tax situations, our corporate bond strategy can offer a liquid, higher yielding alternative to government and other taxable fixed income securities.  In developing a proper separately managed portfolio, we advocate diversification across credits, sectors and financial markets. Utilizing our yield curve analysis, we attempt to match the best bond maturity with the best possible returns, taking into affect your liquidity needs.


A Twin Cities Leader Tax Exempt Bond Strategy

With multiple Lipper Marketplace rankings in Tax Exempt Bond management, our tax sensitive municipal bond strategy can offer significant yield improvement over taxable securities for investors in higher tax brackets.  We believe strongly that tax-exempt bonds represent solid investment value on a risk-adjusted after-tax basis.  Our individually structured portfolio process allows us to tailor the maturity structure to your needs and focus on proper diversification across credits, sectors and states