Community Partnership

Community Partnership

What Community Partnership Means to Us

We have long understood the importance of being part of a healthy, thriving community. We believe in making a committed partnership with local organizations to bring about meaningful change. Through our Community Partnership Program we make a multi-year commitment to a specific non-profit. We support the organization by providing sponsorship, volunteerism, connectivity and education. We believe in creating a true partnership that supports the organization’s mission.

A strong community is built and maintained through partnership and we understand the importance of active involvement.

2022-2024 Minnesota Community Partner

Our home office in St. Paul, MN will be partnered with a new nonprofit organization, Small Sums:

Small Sums is a community based nonprofit that outfits about 700 homeless and housing unstable individuals a year with the required work items they need to start a new job, and to support their efforts to stay employed. We do this by providing clients with the specific things they need to start a new job such as required work clothes and shoes, trade tools, and bus passes. Gainful employment is a key factor in stable living, and we help our clients on this path! Learn more about Small Sums and our clients by visiting 

Partnership Highlights

For this year we have developed a plan that supports Small Sums in accomplishing their mission and annual goals.

  • Sponsorship– In May Stonebridge was the key sponsor for the Spring Fundraiser. each dollar raised helped Small Sums run their programs, grow their accessibility, and initiate new technologies. You can check out some of the pictures of that event here.
  • Volunteerism– Each quarter, we will support Small Sums through volunteer efforts, including mailer events, packing events, and a moving event to help Small Sums get set up in their new space!
  • Connectivity– As our community partner we will invite Small Sums to participate in our events and gatherings.  Our goal is to have all of our clients and partners understand the importance of Small Sums community efforts.
  • Insight– We will provide our expertise in finance by collaborating with the executive team at Small Sums to help achieve their annual goals.

To lear more about Small Sums you can check out their website here.  If you would like to get involved with volunteer or other opportunities, please contact Michelle at 651-251-1000 or