Asking the Hard Questions: An Update from Stonebridge’s Chief Economist

In this article, Chief Economist, Daniel Laufenberg, Ph.D., reflects on the economic impact from interest rates and rising global tensions.

Key Questions Answered:

  • Why is inflation considered bad for the economy?
  • Why has inflation been so stubbornly high and what is the outlook over the next year?
  • Having previously worked with the Fed, what is your insight as to how they may work to get inflation in check?
  • Can the U.S. economy avoid a recession or are we already in one?

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2022 Q3 Stonebridge Economic Outlook

In this article, Chief Economist, Dr. Daniel Laufenberg, Ph.D., examines the anticipated actions of the Fed and highlights factors that will influence changes in the economy.

The key headlines are:

  • Inflation and its impact on CPI and real GDP
  • Role of productivity in improving today’s economy
  • Asking the hard question: “Are we in a recession, or are we heading towards one?”

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2022 Q2 Stonebridge Economic Outlook

In this article, Chief Economist, Daniel Laufenberg, Ph.D. explains what he sees as critical factors in the current economy and forecasts what to expect next.

The key headlines are:

  • The inflation gauntlet
  • Timing the recession
  • Monetary policy response

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2022 Stonebridge Economic Forum

During this event our Chief Economist Daniel Laufenberg, Ph.D. discussed 2021 and provide his outlook for 2022. Chief Investment Officer John Schonberg, CFA also discussed how these economic factors impact investment management. Towards the end, we had a Q&A session where Dr. Laufenberg and John Schonberg, CFA answered questions from our audience.


Disclosure: The views expressed here reflect those of the speakers however completeness cannot be guaranteed. They may change as economic fundamentals and market conditions change. This commentary is provided as a general source of information only and is not intended to provide investment advice for individual investor circumstances. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Please seek the advice of professionals regarding the evaluation of any specific information, opinion, advice or other content.

2022-3-17 FOMC Update

As widely anticipated, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised its federal funds rate target by 25 basis points at the March meeting, the first change in its target rate in two years and the first increase in over three years. In this article, Dan Laufenberg Ph.D. reviews the rate change and discusses the impact.

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2022 Q1 Stonebridge Economic Outlook

In this article Chief Economist, Daniel Laufenberg, Ph.D. goes in-depth on what he sees as critical factors in the current economy and forecasts what to expect next.

The key headlines are:
  • Financing the Invasion
  • Inflation
  • Business Inventories are Temporary
  • Growth Expected to Slow
  • Financial Market Implications

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Interest Rates, An Investment Managers Perspective

For this episode of Stonebridge Soundbites, I chat with Portfolio Manager Brad Stone, CFA who works out of our office in Denver, CO. Brad dives into interest rates and gives his perspective as a long-standing investment manager.

Questions Answered in this Recording:

– What is the basic framework of interest rates?

– What drives The Fed to make interest rate decisions?

– In your experience, how have you seen interest rates impact the markets?

– As an investment manager, how do you analyze interest rate movements, and how does that impact your management of portfolios?


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Stonebridge Soundbite- Governmental Impact on the Markets

In our first episode of 2022, Bob gives an analyst’s view on what kind of impact the government has on the markets.

Key Take-Aways:

  • The government can speed things up and slow things down
  • Consumers have a greater impact on the direction of the market
  • Remember the old saying, “The President doesn’t make the economy however, the economy makes the President.”

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